Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

We are excited to engage a solid group of volunteers for this inaugural event.  Everywhere from box office to parking attendants, kid zone, recycling committee, camping area and more.  Please fill out the application and let us know where you would like to be involved.  We will review all applications and notify volunteers within 1 month of the Festival.  Thank you for your application!

Food Vendor Opportunities

The goal of the Festival will be to offer festivarians a wide variety of good food at a reasonable price. When reviewing applications, attention is focused on food service experience, simplicity of preparation, cost to the fairgoer, booth plans, and especially the menu.  All applicants will be informed of the result by February 28, 2018.

Craft & Non-Food Vendor Opportunities

As we receive the required application you will be categorized according to what you wish to do at the Festival and/or products you intend to sell (example: clothing, household products, jewelry, novelties, crafts, etc.). Since it is our intention to maintain a product balance for the festivarians, vendors are selected first with an eye towards originality of product or idea and then the order of receipt of the application. 

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